How do I name the plots in an Excel 2007 scatter plot diagram?

Answer You should be able to have each of the "person names" within the cells of your worksheet, so that when the data and label cells are all selected, the chart will be correctly displayed using those l... Read More »

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Can i make a line of best fit on an excel scatter plot?

If you want to have an extra "line" to indicate "best fit", average, or any other such range, then the easiest way is to draw the line yourself.Since you did not state which version of MS-Excel you... Read More »

How to Read Scatter Plots?

Scatter plots are one of the most commonly used types of graphs and can display and examine the correlation between two sets of data. This makes them useful tools for investigating whether there is... Read More »

How to Make a Stem & Leaf Plot in Excel 2007?

A stem and leaf plot (also called a stemplot) is a type of diagram used to show statistical data. It’s a way of retaining the individual data points in a diagram that often disappear with other g... Read More »

How to Draw a Scatter Diagram With a TI-83 Calculator?

The TI-83, a graphing calculator produced by Texas Instruments, can make several different graphs, including a scatter diagram. A scatter diagram places points on your graphs that correspond with y... Read More »