How do I mute my home phone?

Answer In these modern days of ever-changing technology, keeping up with technical changes in personal equipment means relearning even the simplest of tasks. Working from home is also a more common practi... Read More »

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How Do I Mute My Phone Without a Mute Button?

There are times you are going to find the need to mute your cell phone (such as while you are in a classroom, giving a presentation, or viewing a movie). Although some cell phones have a built in m... Read More »

How to Mute a Phone With the Asterisk Key?

With the increase in complexity in cell phones, often a manufacturer will configure shortcut keys when developing a cell phone. For example, many cell phones come with a quick volume control button... Read More »

How to Mute a Polycom Phone?

Polycom phones are typically speaker-based units used in offices for conference calls, but they also come with handsets. Different models come with a variety of features, including call waiting, ca... Read More »

How do i mute a cell phone?

Locating the buttonFind the mute button. Phones that have a mute capability will have a mute button. Most often, it will either read "Mute" or be picture of a speaker with a line through it.On-scre... Read More »