How do I move sand& gravel underwater?

Answer Remove some of the water from the fish tank, about one-third of the total water. This makes it easier to move or remove the sand and gravel at the bottom.Use a fish net to move or take out the larg... Read More »

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How do I separate gravel& sand?

ToolsReview the gravel and sand mixture to determine the approximate size of the individual sand particles you want to separate from the gravel. Choose a metal sheet screen with openings and a fram... Read More »

How do I wire plants in sand& gravel?

The PlatformCreate a platform for your indoor hydroponic garden by poking holes in Styrofoam blocks or fitting a sheet of wire hardware fabric or chicken wire across the top of the your hydroponic ... Read More »

What Type of Rock Is Sand and Gravel?

Sand and gravel are small, weathered pieces of rock. Unlike rock itself, which is defined by its composition, sand and gravel are defined by their particle size, ranging from 0.002 to 4 inches in d... Read More »

How to Garden in Gravel & Sand With Hydroponics?

Hydroponics, which means "working with water," refers to growing plants in a water-based medium that contains no soil. Growing plants in sand or gravel, without soil, may sound like a novel concept... Read More »