How do I move my taskbar to the bottom of the screen?

Answer Just if the Taskbar is locked , Right-click on the Taskbar and choose properties then make the " Lock the Taskbar " check box empty .After that drag the Taskbar to where you want .To prevent that p... Read More »

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My taskbar moved 2 the left side of the screen i'd like it back on the bottom and don't know how 2 move it?

hold a click over it and drag it to the bottom of the screen

How to Move the Taskbar From the Right Side to the Bottom?

The Windows Taskbar can be docked on any side of the monitor (left, right, top and bottom) for ease of use or personal preferences. If you want to change the positioning of the Taskbar from the rig... Read More »

How Do I Move the Taskbar & the Start Menu on My Computer to the Bottom of the Page?

The Windows Start menu and taskbar have a bad habit of appearing in places other than the bottom of the page. This is not due to a glitch or software malfunction; it is due to human error. It's eas... Read More »

How do you put the taskbar back at the bottom of ur screen?

Drag and drop should work, but if it does not, right click on the task bar and check that the option "Lock the Taskbar" is not selected. If this option is selected then you would not be able to dra... Read More »