How do I mount a flag on vinyl siding?

Answer Buy a surface mount block from a home improvement store or online. A surface mount block has an indention routed out of the back so that it lays flush against the siding when mounted. Screw the blo... Read More »

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How do I attach a flag to vinyl siding?

Measure for BracketMeasure the mounting bracket and the space the flag will hang to ensure that there is enough clearance for the mounting bracket to hang comfortably. Using a pencil, mark the plac... Read More »

How do I mount a dryer vent on vinyl siding?

Planning & PreparationPlan the shortest distance from the dryer for the vent placement. Place it away from windows, meters, air-conditioners or electrical outlets. Purchase a metal duct, elbows, a ... Read More »

Can steel siding be covered with vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is built so you can install it on a wood surface. If your house has older steel siding, removing it first is important so the vinyl siding has a proper ... Read More »

Will my vinyl siding siding snap in ok above windows?

I've hung thousands of sq. feet of vinyl,I personally don't care for it,but how I would do over window cuts is to put the piece above the window first,make 3" rip cut about 1" longer on both ends,... Read More »