How do I measure resistors in a series?

Answer Resistors in a SeriesLook carefully at your circuit or circuit diagram. Determine if your resistors are in a series. Resistors in a series are connected so that a common current flows through each ... Read More »

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How do I measure VOM resistors?

Meter SetupInsert the red VOM probe lead into the ohms position on the multimeter and the black VOM probe lead into the common position. Turn the VOM selector dial to read resistance or ohms, often... Read More »

How do I measure two resistors in parallel?

Resistors in ParallelResistors that are parallel are connected into an electronics circuit, so that the same amount of voltage is placed across each resistor. Resistors are parallel when they share... Read More »

How do I use resistors in a series?

Plug the two unconnected resistor ends into your power source, connecting the resistors end to end. This ensures that there is only one path for electricity to flow between the resistors. The tota... Read More »

Resistors in series and parallel?

a) the resistance in resistor B should be 22.98 ohmb) the total voltage is 4.298 Voltc)the total resistance 7.397 ohmd) the current through resistor A is .286 amperee) the current through resistor... Read More »