How do I measure length for children's golf clubs?

Answer HeightMeasure your child's height from heel to head. The height of your child is used to determine the proper length of the golf clubs your child should use. Since children grow quickly, the ideal ... Read More »

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What is the standard length of golf clubs: irons, woods&drivers?

The standard length of a men's steel driver is 44 inches; 3 wood is 42.5 inches; 4 wood is 42 inches; 5 wood is 41.5 inches; 7 and 9 wood is 41 inches; 11 wood is 40.5 inches; 13 wood is 40 inches;... Read More »

How to Protect Your Golf Clubs With a Golf Travel Case?

If you're thinking about taking a golf vacation, or just bringing your clubs along on your next business trip, one of the best investments you can make is a Golf Travel Case. These cases come in tw... Read More »

The US Coast Guard requires certain equipment be carried onboard a vessel based on the vessel's length How must an operator measure the length of their vessel?

From the outside of the bow to the outside of the stern

How to Fit Golf Clubs?

If you feel like your golf game needs improvement, you may need to pay more attention to the golf clubs you use. To compete at your very best, you need to fit your golf clubs to both your personal ... Read More »