How do I manage answer tones?

Answer On many newer cell phones, different ring tones or answer tones can be added for different people who call you. These answer tones can be managed within the phone, based on the identity of each per... Read More »

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Free Cingular answer tones (aka ringback tones)?

I don't know where to get free ringback tones but I do have a website that allows you to receive and even make your own totally free ringtones. The website is you have to ... Read More »

How 2 get free answer tones 4 iPhone?

there are no answer tones available for the iphone and your provider will be the only one to put it... regardless not available for iphone uggh

Can Go-Phone subscribers buy Answer Tones?

Yes, GoPhone subscribers can buy Answer Tones. There is an additional fee involved for GoPhone subscribers who purchase Answer Tones, but these subscribers do not pay any monthly fees for them.Refe... Read More »

Really confused about warm tones vs cool tones. What's my tone?

I am a makeup artist and this is some colors and some info hope that helps:Warm colors are based on yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish greens, orangish reds, and the like.Cool colors are based on ... Read More »