How do I make this video!!!?

Answer lol, i love those vids.. you would need editing software, i m thinking Adobe Final Cut Pro only for apple Mac's, where you can paste videos on top of other videos, and then there are layers, fading... Read More »

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What video editing software provides this kind of effect in this YouTube Video?

The intro of the video is a professional job. It's an animated 3D title with spotlights. You could do this with high-end effects software - like Adobe After Effects. Sony Vegas Pro also has 3D a... Read More »

How to make this video look HD?

There isn't a way to make videos look more high definition. Sorry.

What is the make and model of the DVD player in this video?

i have to agree with the above answer it is a bang & olufsen cd player and they are very expensive, but you can get a pioneer cd player with a motion of your hand can open the cd doors instead and ... Read More »

How can I make a video like this >>

The ultimate guide to make the ultimate youtube video. You're welcome youtubers, for this super instructional.…