How do I make the screen smaller. All the letters are super large?

Answer point your mouse to the screen and right click. click on PROPERTIES. when the display properties window pops up, click on APPEARANCE and on the lower left portion of it you will see FONT SIZE. set ... Read More »

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If fonts are too large, how do i make them smaller?

Shrinking the Size of TextIf you are working in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Office or Open Office Writer, highlight the text you wish to shrink. Move your mouse to the toolbar. The... Read More »

How do you make your large room appear smaller?

How to Make a Large Nose Appear Smaller?

You may not be satisfied with the size of your nose, but having rhinoplasty, or a "nose job," can be dangerous and maybe a little extreme. For a safer approach that may slightly change the appearan... Read More »

How to Make Large Breasts Look Smaller?

"They're up here!" How many times a day do you find yourself wanting to tell that to the bug-eyed guy who just can't seem to look you in the eyes? For those of us who are well endowed, there are wa... Read More »