How do I make the Windows screen smaller?

Answer Adjust Screen ResolutionAdjust the screen size in a Windows operating system by following a few simple steps. Click the Start button on the menu and select "Control Panel." Once you're on the Con... Read More »

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How do I make a Windows screen smaller?

To shrink your screen's viewing area, lower your resolution. Right-click your desktop. In Windows 7, select "Screen Resolution;" on older versions of Windows, click "Properties," followed by "Setti... Read More »

How to make mac screen smaller?

hold the control key and scroll down :)EDIT: just press and hold control (located near the left of the space bar) then place two fingers on your trackpad and move them downward (scrolling down)that... Read More »

How to make your screen smaller?

It usually means that you haven't installed the proper driver for the graphic card.I don't know what your graphic card is, but if your computer is dell, you should be able to find the driver in the... Read More »

HELP! My screen is so big and I can't make it smaller!?

That Always Happens Tooh` Meh` When mhy` Frandz Use Mhy` Computer`Click [ Start Section That Says Turn Off Computer, Choose Stand By, It Will Shut It Down , BUT It Will Save All The Things You Sti... Read More »