How do I make tea taste better?

Answer As a tea drinker I think I can help. First suggestion- use better tea. The difference in quality between loose tea and teabags is huge. You will need a teapot and a strainer. Place one slightly... Read More »

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How to make the protein taste better?

Well, get some powder protein shake, it might taste better :pOne of the reasons it might taste not very good is because its mixed into water, generally protein shakes are the best with milk, aside ... Read More »

How to Make a Bad Lemonade Taste Better?

Sometimes, lemonade can taste awful. Listen to these tips to have perfect lemonade!

How to Make Beer Taste Better?

Beer should taste great on its own merits but in a world that isn't ideal, not all beers are equal. And given that each of us has a different palate, some beers are likely to be less tasty than oth... Read More »

What can I do to make a hot dog taste better?

My aunt had never had a hot dog before she came to the United States from Egypt. The first time she ever made hot dogs, she thought it was like a sandwich and put lettuce, tomatoes, onions and must... Read More »