How do you get styes in your eye?

Answer A stye is a blocked OIL GLAND, not tear duct. Do you wear eye liner? Women who wear eye liner tend to be at slightly higher risk as the eye liner goes right across the area where most of the oil gl... Read More »

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I keep getting styes and don't know why. It's been going on for ten years. Help!?

A stye is usually caused by an infection with staphylococcus bacteria (staphylococcal infection).You should go to the GP if it's painful, but it's not always nessesary to go to the GP. Styes are fu... Read More »

How to make simple infrared transmitter and receiver i want to make ir remote which make on or off a led ?

Hm... Don't think you can do that with remote like this!Good luck!

If 2 shots of Tequila make a 5'11" 25 year old man dizzy (but in right mind), will the 3rd one make him drunk?

With tequila one shot can make the difference.If you feel ok with 2 shots,leave it at that.You can maybe have one more after 1 or 2 hours.You are not that age when you have to proove something by d... Read More »

If i stop eating.... will it make me lose weight and look good or will it make me look fatter?

IF you stop eating then Yes you will get fat its common knowlege like come on EVERYBODY knows that.....