How do I make stained concrete have a shiny finish?

Answer Clean Stained ConcreteClean the stained concrete with a solution of concrete cleaner. Refer to the cleaner manufacturer's recommendations regarding the proper concentration for a maintenance streng... Read More »

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How to Make Your Stained Concrete Shiny?

Stained concrete is concrete that has been stained to create a colored finish. The concrete can be stained in a solid color or in various patterns. The stained concrete can be utilized indoors and ... Read More »

How do you make shiny chrome a satin finish?

sand the item with 200 grit sand paper all over,dip paper in water a little,then sand item with 400 grit paper dip paper in water a little,then rub steel wool fine grade steel wool all over item,th... Read More »

How do I make concrete floors shiny?

CleaningSweep and mop the concrete floor. Follow this cleaning with a final push of a floor duster over the floor. Do not apply the sealer until the floor is completely clean and dust free. Open wi... Read More »

How to Make Stained Concrete Rust Color With Sulfur?

Sulfur is an important ingredient of iron sulfate, also known as copperas. It is used to stain concrete surfaces. Depending on the amount of iron sulfate used, the stain can range from light tannis... Read More »