How do I make someone's name on Facebook into a link?

Answer You can do it. Its a somewhat new feature. You put @ in front of their FULL name with no space after the at symbol.So, for example:Had a great day today with @Joe Schmoe. When you start typing thei... Read More »

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Is there a Way to Change your Facebook Profile Link Name?

you can change it only once, so if you already did it once, you cant do it again

How to Make an Offline Link to a Facebook Friend?

Most Internet users have someone they like to check in with regularly on Facebook whether it is a child, a friend or a love interest. If you find yourself visiting the same person's page often, you... Read More »

Can i plug a dvi-d single link cable into a dvi-d dual link slot?

Yes. DVI-D dual link is backwards compatible with DVI-I, DVI-A or DVI-D single link. You can quite happily plug this TV into your computer if that's what you are trying to do. Just remember that DV... Read More »

How to Make a Picture Into a Link Using Dreamweaver?

Dreamweaver is a Web editor that allows you to manage Web pages with or without HTML. The software gives you two ways to turn pictures into links. You can modify existing pictures in Design view or... Read More »