How do I make saltwater pools?

Answer Converting a pool to saltwater is attractive for a number of reasons. Salt in the density of saltwater pools can barely be tasted, but it softens the water and replaces the harsh chemicals that can... Read More »

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Are saltwater pools better than chlorine pools?

On One Hand: Financial benefitsConverting a chlorinated pool to a saltwater pool costs around $1,500, according to Brian O'Connell, financial contributor on This cost, however pays... Read More »

Are Olympic pools saltwater?

Answer Pools used in Olympic competitions are filled with chlorinated fresh water.

Saltwater Pools & Hair?

When saltwater pool chlorinators are used in a swimming pool, it is done to eliminate algae, viruses and bacteria. However, saltwater does have drawbacks. Saltwater can alter the color of your hair... Read More »

How do saltwater swimming pools work?

Salt water pool systems create chemicals which soften and disinfect the water. Pool Warehouse notes that salt water is clear, and not irritating to the body.Salt CellA salt cell, also called a chlo... Read More »