How do I make root cuttings?

Answer Obtain a CuttingTake a 2- to 4-inch cutting of your plant or shrub during late spring and early summer to ensure the shoot is fresh. Young shoots root more easily than older ones. Check to see whet... Read More »

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How do I make a bare root from cuttings?

Obtain a CuttingTake a 4- to 6-inch cutting from the plant. Use a very sharp, and fully sterilized knife. Cuttings should only be taken from healthy parent plants. The best cuttings include the top... Read More »

How do I make bare root grapevines from cuttings?

Green CuttingsFind a vigorously growing shoot that is green and healthy (usually in early spring). Avoid any shoot that has started to brown, harden or has any fungus. Look for a vine that has two ... Read More »

How do I do root cuttings?

A great way to start or add to a garden is to root cuttings from shrubs or trees. This way, if you see a shrub that you just love at your friend's place, you can replicate it at home for your own e... Read More »

How do I root ivy cuttings?

PreparationCut several 6-inch pieces of ivy from an existing plant. Choose young, bright-green portions of the plant. Remove any leaves from the bottom half of the cutting, then dip the bottom half... Read More »