How do I make my windows movie maker recognize my video camera?

Answer serch video converters on the internet and find a one with a free tryal, then you have to convert the video formant to mp4

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How Do You Use Windows Movie Maker After Using The Flip Video Camera?

While, Flip video camcra usually produce file in MP4 format which can't be directly supported by Windows Movie Maker, in order to upload ur flip video files to Windows Movie Maker, u have to conver... Read More »

How to Use a Digital Camera to Capture Video in Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker is a Microsoft movie editing application that is available for free download, making it Microsoft's equivalent to Apple's iMovie. One of Movie Maker's features is its ability to... Read More »

The videos from my flip video camera will not import into windows movie maker. How do I fix this?

Hi johnniekelley7,The first thing is to make sure the files from your Flip are coming into Windows Movie Maker in a file format that the program can use. Here are those file types:• Video files: ... Read More »

How do you get a video clip that you have recorded on a camera to windows movie maker to where you can edit it?

Put the DVD into the computer. When a window comes up asking what you want to do it, click WIndows Explorer. Then, when the next window comes up, drag the file into My Documents, where it will sa... Read More »