How do I make my picture quality/shutter speed better when my flash is off?

Answer Try focus lock without the flash. Push the shutter button half way down, look at the lcd screen to see if your image is clear. If it is clear, push the shutter button the rest of the way.If that do... Read More »

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You insert a flash drive and discover that you cannot make use of all the memory on the USB flash device when?

how old is the flash drive? flash memory can only be written and re-written over so many times before it cannot be used anymore. For this reason flash drives are split up into multiple sectors, eac... Read More »

How to make my HD tv's picture better?

Lets start with making sure that your signal is HD. The description sounds like analog on it, something that usually looks terrible. Make sure the signal arrives either through the antenna or HDM... Read More »

Do upconverting DVD players make your picture better?

On One Hand: Upconverting Has AdvantagesStandard DVD players display DVDs at the 480p resolution that is standard definition (SD) TV. Upconverting and Blu-Ray players help bridge the gap between th... Read More »

How to Make Your Satellite Receiver Get a Better Picture?

Improving the signal path from your dish to your receiver will improve the picture quality of your picture. If you have properly pointed your dish and are receiving the best possible signal strengt... Read More »