How do I make my own desktop icons?

Answer Yes, Paint can help you.Click on attributes under image tab.Set the width & Height to 50 - 50Save the file with .ico extension.

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How to Make Desktop Icons Smaller?

Desktop icons provide shortcuts to programs or files that you use regularly. You can re-size your computer's desktop icons to appear smaller, giving you space to add more icons. The steps below det... Read More »

How to Make Desktop Icons Bigger?

Windows and Mac operating systems use icons as shortcuts to programs that are installed on your computer. The icons are located on your desktop for easy access to programs. If you have trouble view... Read More »

How to Make Your Desktop Icons Small, Big, or Invisible?

Want to make your desktop icons bigger, smaller or even invisible? Simply follows these steps and you can!

How do i make the icons on a desktop computer small?

Windows XPRight-click on the desktop. Select "Properties." Select "Appearance" and click on "Advanced." Select "Icon" under the item box. Use the "Size" drop-down box to make your icons a smaller s... Read More »