How do I make my laptop faster to play the sims 3?

Answer The Windows Registry is the master control center for your operating system and applications it runs. Corruption or overload registry issues can cause all sorts of pc performance problems, includi... Read More »

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Will this laptop play Sims 3 and a few expansion packs?

Could it? Maybe. But that laptop is a terrible value for $479. A laptop with only Intel HD 3000 graphics and nothing else that makes it stand out in particular shouldn't be for sale for a price thi... Read More »

Can I play games like gta iv and the sims 3 in a touch laptop?

yeah u can but u wont be able 2 play them in touch. btw, if ur friend has one of them get them 2 give it 2 u on a memory stick i dont know if u can download them on touch laptop or not. I dont thin... Read More »

What will make my Sims 2 run faster?

AVG AntiVirus and Lavasoft AdAware can get rid of Viruses and malware. Or you can use an online scanner.Defragment, disk cleanup and check disk for errors (accessed at the C:\ Drive properties box)... Read More »

I was wondering how well an alienware laptop can play Sims games?

Their the ultimate gaming machines and can beat most "gaming" desktops.To be honest though your paying more for the name and casing than the actual spec. The Dell XPS 17 is the same machine without... Read More »