How do I make my eyes less dark?

Answer It could be your diet?if you eat unhealthy like alot of sugary greasy unhealthy stuff that can cause it or for me im allergic to wheat/gluten and when i eat it,it makes me have dark circles under m... Read More »

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How to Make Dark Eyes Pop?

Dark eyes can easily look droopy and boring. Make yours, from hazel to black, look bright and beautiful. And don't pretend you're above it all. Because nobody is.

Make-up for dark brown eyes?

Pixiewoo made a great makeup tutorial for the summer makeup look for both blue and brown eyes..check it out..…

How to Make Dark Gray Eyes Pop?

Eye color differs from person to person and is a unique facial characteristic that can be enhanced with the right makeup. Eye makeup is designed to make your natural eye color pop, as long as it is... Read More »

How do i make dark brown eyes pop?

try a smoky eye techniquealso a little brightening stick lining the eyes will make your eyes seem a whole lot brightersometimes too much eyeliner and mascara just makes you look too sinister and no... Read More »