How do I make my eyes less dark?

Answer It could be your diet?if you eat unhealthy like alot of sugary greasy unhealthy stuff that can cause it or for me im allergic to wheat/gluten and when i eat it,it makes me have dark circles under m... Read More »

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How can I make my eyes less sensitive?

Maybe you are allergic to something. It's that time of year, anyway. Wear sunglasses outside and try taking Benadryl or Claritin and see if that helps. My eyes get very teary and itchy when there's... Read More »

How to Make Eyes Look Less Puffy?

All kinds of conditions may cause puffy eyes. A crying jag, allergies, salty food and alcohol are all possible culprits. If you wake up and see puffiness that you'd rather not, reach for the dark ... Read More »

How to Make Wrinkles Under My Eyes Less Noticeable?

The area around our eyes moves constantly. When we smile, frown, squint, wince, yawn: it all mounts up, often causing premature wrinkles. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and susceptib... Read More »

How to Make Your Eyes Look Less Tired?

Give your eyes a lift with my simple make-up tips that will have you looking refreshed and well rested. Does this Spark an idea?