How do I make my computer read a DVD-R CD?

Answer You need a DVD drive to read DVD's. Oh, just a tip for your terminology your "DVD-R" is not a "CD", your DVD was a DVD-R. CD's and DVD's are two completely different things, using CD as a generic t... Read More »

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Will, getting a 2gb RAM(Read Only Memory) make my games work faster... or reck my computer?

My computer can't read my CD?

The most likely explanation for your problem is that one of the cables connecting your cd drive became loose.Touch the case to ground yourself and release any static electricity. Unplug the compute... Read More »

How to Read Mobipocket on the Computer?

Mobipocket ebooks provide portability to a number of devices and programs. Several programs exist to display a mobipocket book on your computer. Not all mobipocket books are compatible with all pro... Read More »

How do I read a PDF file on a computer?

Adobe ReaderDownload and install Adobe Reader, a free PDF viewer. Click a link to a PDF file on a web page to view the PDF file within your web browser using the Adobe Reader plug-in. Launch Adobe ... Read More »