How do I make my avatar larger?

Answer not quite sure how others did it. but, i downloaded this pic in my photobucket account and used their edit option. increased the size of my avatar...width and length...not really sure if this helps.

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Is there a way to make your avatar/picture on yahoo answers larger?

The user above is right about Barkley Hound who has helped me out with Y!A problems a while back.This is his Best Answer on how to get your Yahoo Answers avatar bigger. Read More »

How to Make Animated Gif Avatar from Webcam Avatar?

webcam avatarThere are a lot of cool software for the webcam today. But how to create animations with webcam? How to make a few shots and combine them into a cool animation?

How do I make the print on my computer larger my eyes are getting bad and I need larger print?

How do you make all the tool bars disappear, to make your screen larger?

View tabtoolbars and uncheck the ones you dont want,you can also go view and full screen