How do I make lightning in Photoshop?

Answer Create MyLightning FileOpen a new Photoshop file and name it "MyLightning." Set your desired dimensions, then change the "Mode" menu to "RGB Color" and click the "Transparent" button under "White."... Read More »

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How to Create a Lightning Effect With Photoshop?

It's relatively easy to create lightning using Adobe Photoshop. In the example, we use a less realistic more saturated version, but you can adjust these instructions to make a more realistic lightn... Read More »

How to Make Realistic-Looking Lightning?

Lightning is caused by a gigantic buildup of electrons that are discharged during a lightning storm between clouds and the ground, or between clouds. The conditions that are required to create ligh... Read More »

How to Make Lightning in Gimp?

Before attempting this, you should start with a simpler GIMP tutorial, like a glowing fireball or even a light saber.

How to Make Lightning Horsepower in a F150?

Though the F-150's strong and versatile engine offers a number of routes to power, probably the easiest and most reliable is that of forced induction. Though the trend today is toward centrifugal ... Read More »