How do I make ginger beer?

Answer Here is a great recipe .Ginger Beer1. Peel 1lb of ginger - peel and blend with as much water as needed to get a good pulp2. Put in large glass bottle3. Set in sun for 2 days4. Bring inside and stra... Read More »

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How to Make Ginger Beer?

Ginger beer is a fantastic tasty drink for the adults, particularly refreshing in the summer!This recipe will make 2 litres. The result will roughly make a 4-5% proof beverage.

How to Make a Ginger Beer Culture?

Ginger beer plant is a symbiotic yeast & bacteria culture that can be used to make all sorts of soft drinks (not just ginger ale) the old-fashioned way. Here is how to make such a culture.

What is in ginger beer?

According to, ginger beer contains fermented ginger, sugar, yeast, water, sugar, cream of tartar and sometimes citric acid and lemon peel. The non-alcoholic version of ginger beer is... Read More »

Does ginger beer contain alcohol?

Some ginger beers contain small amounts of alcohol. Ginger beer fermented and brewed with yeast typically has an alcohol content of 2 percent or less. Modern, non-alcoholic versions of ginger beer ... Read More »