How do I make free calls on a mobile phone?

Answer There are three easy ways to make the most of your phone usage, all of which mean getting and using free phone minutes. Although there are also illegal ways to get free phone minutes, illegal mean... Read More »

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Are 0800 free phone calls (UK) free using a mobile phone?

It can vary from one mobile network to the other.Some do give you the call for free whilst others don't, however in most cases none of them give you the call for free..this is because you are using... Read More »

How do i make free mobile calls from the internet?

Mobile applicationsIf you have a smartphone, you can download one of the many applications that provide VOIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol connection. Some of the more popular applications are S... Read More »

How to Make Free Calls on an iPod Touch with Vonage Mobile?

Have you ever wished you could call from an iPod touch but didn't think you could? Well you can and all you need is a few simple components.

Is there any software that when i install on my pc i can make free calls to mobile networks?

Hmm... I'm not that sure for the ones that are free... Try Globe7