How do I make coffee in an electric percolator?

Answer Clean the PercolatorClean your percolator thoroughly to ensure best performance. Remove the cover, lid, filter and stem. Make sure the percolator is not plugged into an electric source.Add WaterAdd... Read More »

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How many Coffee Grounds should I use in an Electric Percolator?

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How to clean the inside of an electric coffee percolator and don't tell me soap and water.?

Dip-It is a product used for cleaning any type of coffee makers. I also use a percolator and I use this product.It will be amazing when you are done.It is in the coffee aisle of the supermarket.

How do I make coffee using a percolator?

WaterAdd the desired amount of water into the chamber of the percolator pot. Use 6 oz. of water for each cup of coffee. Keep in mind that this is not a measuring cup of water. Fill the chamber up t... Read More »

How do I make tea in a coffee percolator?

Filling the PercolatorFill the percolator with cold water to the appropriate level for the desired number of cups. Your percolator should have markings to indicate this.Fill the BasketInsert the ba... Read More »