How do I make coffee in a Corningware stovetop percolator?

Answer Remove the percolator lid and place it on the counter. Take out the basket, lid and stem and set them aside. Fill the pot with cold water up to the fill line.Place the stem and basket back into pla... Read More »

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How do I make coffee in a Corningware 10-Cup Percolator?

Using a Corningware 10-Cup PercolatorRemove the lid from the Corningware 10-Cup Percolator and disassemble it, removing the basket and stem. Remove the inner lid from the basket and rinse all the p... Read More »

How do I brew coffee with a Corningware percolator?

Prepare the PercolatorPut the coffee stem in the percolator and fill the percolator with water to the fill line. Place the filter basket on top of the stem. Add 1 tbsp. of coffee grounds for every ... Read More »

Can CorningWare be used on a stovetop?

The original CorningWare products were made of a glass-ceramic material that could be used on a stovetop. In the late 1990s, however, the company was acquired by World Kitchen, and the composition ... Read More »

Is Corningware stovetop safe?

CorningWare produces several lines of stoneware bakeware that are appropriate for baking and reheating food in the oven and microwave. However, none of CorningWare's bakeware can be used on the sto... Read More »