How do I make an utau page on utau wiki?

Answer You can make an account for the wiki first to gain full editing and uploading permission. Then, find another UTAU's page that has the grid, click edit, and copy everything on the UTAU's page. Then ... Read More »

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Is there a UTAU english version for mac?

Check here and check out your nearest Mac User Group!

How to Create an UTAU Voicebank with Audacity?

UTAU is a free Japanese vocal synthesizer that people can use to make "voice-banks" sing or talk. People can create their own,and it's actually quite simple. Here's how:

On a wiki, can you make a hard redirect to an external page?

I'm assuming you're using MediaWiki; if not, this advice won't be relevant, so please mention that if applicable.Wikipedia does nearly exactly this: the Privacy Policy links not to a page on Wikipe... Read More »

How can i have my own wiki page?