How do I make an icon for my spreadsheet?

Answer Locate the spreadsheet document you want to create an icon, or desktop shortcut, for by going to "Start" and then selecting "My Documents." Highlight the spreadsheet and right-click on it. Select "... Read More »

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What is the triangle icon that appears left of the bluetooth icon on iphone 4 display?

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Micro. 6.0 icon on screen. Icon there, when a document is opened.?

Your question and description are not explicit enough to be able to give you an adequate answer.For example, your reference to "Micro. 6.0", is that: • Trend Micro Mobile Security 6.0 • Su... Read More »

Why is there a sun icon behind the facebook icon on the yahoo toolbar?

sun icon behind the facebook icon is nothing but a way t notify you there is a facebook updates on you account :)You can right click and disable the yahoo toolbar!!or you can uninstall it using "ad... Read More »

How do i make a spreadsheet in word?

Use your mouse to single-click anywhere inside a main Word document screen, making sure the insertion point (the blinking cursor) is at the desired location in your Word document. Click the Insert ... Read More »