How do I make a video with videos and not just pictures?

Answer You want to make a video with videos,but you don't know where to get videos?Wtf.Okay,go take some videos using a VIDEO CAMERA.Put them in Windows Movie Maker or iMovie(If you're on a mac)Save as-.mp4

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Does the flip video ultra hd take pictures as well just videos rightt?

well, you can actually use flip video converter to capture still image from frameFlip video Camcorder is a creative digital device produced by Pure Digital Technologies. Four series include: the Fl... Read More »

If I download a digital disc & a digital video will the video come out with pictures or just numbers Thanks?

It doesn't matter whether they're video, spreadsheet, music or whatever, all computer files contain data as a string of 0s and 1s. It's down to the software to convert those 0s and 1s into somethi... Read More »

Why does my iPad not let me go to the videos menu. My new iPad 2 doesn't let my go onto the menu with my videos and films on it It's just stuck on one video can someone please help?

I use mine for about everything. Here is a list of some the app types of have. eBooksAudio BooksMusicBankingWatch movies and new anime episodesSeveral gamesFacebookMarvel comic book readerTwitterWe... Read More »

How do I make a music video with pictures?

Music videos using pictures, images or slideshows are very popular. In addition to being used at a wide variety of gatherings, such as weddings and graduations, they can also be an opportunity to s... Read More »