How do I make a teaching schedule for preschool?

Answer Preschool students have short attention spans and energy to spare, so plan a variety of activities that will stimulate their minds and allow them to have a variety of activities for each day. Focus... Read More »

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How to Make a Teaching Schedule for Preschool?

Preschoolers thrive on structure and being taught new things. Children at this age need to learn not only academics but areas such as proper hygiene and table manners. This can seem overwhelming to... Read More »

Preschool schedule.....everyday?

I am a teacher and I can tell you the number one reason why kids go to preschool-- it prepares them to socialize with other children. Preschoolers are being prepared for environments where they lea... Read More »

Full day preschool schedule?

7 am -8:30 am Breakfast8:30 am Class Begins /AM Planned Activity ( Letter/Number/Poem/Color/Shape Of The Week)9 am Book Center/ Circle Time/Bathroom Break9:30 am Cut Off Time For Children To Ent... Read More »

Preschool Daily Schedule Ideas?

It is important to establish a predictable routine in your preschool classroom. Knowing what to expect helps students stay on task and reduces behavior problems. While you should adapt your daily s... Read More »