How do I make a loan payment online?

Answer Contact your lender. Verify that the account is eligible to receive online payments.Ask the lender if it has a secure website address for making online loan payments. Sign up for online account acc... Read More »

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How to Make a Payment on My Student Loan?

If you are ready to begin repaying your student loans, there are many ways to go about this process, depending on the loan service that you have borrowed from. Most student lending agencies make p... Read More »

How to Make an Anonymous Payment on Someone Else's House Loan?

Paying a home loan for a friend or relative is becoming more common in these difficult economic times. If you would like to do this for someone you know and would like to remain anonymous, there ar... Read More »

What if I can’t make my federal student loan payment?

Call your your servicer and ask to go into forbearance for a while since you can't make your payments. :)

How to Make a Loan Payment to the Georgia Student Finance Commission?

The Georgia Student Finance Commission is an organisation that gives student loans, scholarships or grants for Georgia students. It offers many different type of repayment plans for students. If yo... Read More »