How do I make a lanyard with three strings?

Answer SetupTie the three lanyard strings together at one end. Tape the tied ends of the string to a flat workspace. Spread the strings out so one is on the left, one is on the right and the other is in t... Read More »

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How to Make a Zipper Lanyard?

Lanyards offer decorations for key chains, zipper pulls, cell phones and much more. Though you can make lanyards from most kinds of cord, gimp is one of the most common choices. This flat, plastic ... Read More »

How to Make a Cool Lanyard?

Lanyards hold important objects such as keys, identification tags and glasses. You can make your own cool and decorative lanyard at home with beads. Making your own lanyard allows you to show off y... Read More »

How to Make a Cobra Lanyard?

Lanyards serve many purposes. Some make them as necklaces and bracelets, while others use them as key chain decorations, zipper pulls or water bottle harnesses. Some even make pouches and bags with... Read More »

How to Make a 550 Cord Lanyard?

Lanyards made from 550 cord combine several feet of cord into a lanyard that is only inches long. This compact package makes a 550 cord lanyard an ideal way to carry survival cord for use in the ca... Read More »