How do I make a lanyard with three strings?

Answer SetupTie the three lanyard strings together at one end. Tape the tied ends of the string to a flat workspace. Spread the strings out so one is on the left, one is on the right and the other is in t... Read More »

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How to Make a Butterfly Stitch With a Lanyard?

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts work with lanyard lace, also called gimp, boondoggle and scoubidoo, creating items like badge holders, rings and keychains. This craft isn’t limited to children, or Sco... Read More »

How to Make a Box Braid With Lanyard String?

Lanyard braids are popular with children, who make the braids as a fun way to pass the time and then tie the finished braids onto bags or key chains. The thin lanyard strings are slightly elastic, ... Read More »

How to Make a Box Braid With Eight Strings?

Once you know the box stitch, a basic stitch that should be in every craftsman's arsenal, you can make a variety of designs. One of those knots is the box braid with eight strings. This is a great ... Read More »

How to Make Box Braids With 4 Gimp Strings?

Gimp is an extruded plastic lacing used in many crafts. The box or square braid is one of the most common braids made with gimp. It can be made with a single color, but is most often worked with t... Read More »