How do I make a billfold?

Answer You can look all over the Internet and find instructions for paper wallets, duct tape billfolds and pocketbooks made from all sorts of exotic materials. You can do that, but why would you want to?... Read More »

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Who invented the billfold?

Harry J. Rolfs invented the billfold. A billfold is made from a piece of leather with an attached lining that is folded and sewn. Rolfs patented the billfold on January 5, 1932.References:Free Pate... Read More »

Magic Billfold Instructions?

The Magic Wallet is a handy invention that allows you to quickly retrieve or put away paper money, receipts, credit cards and identification cards, in a small and slim wallet. Putting away paper mo... Read More »

Difference Between a Wallet & a Billfold?

The wallet and billfold are both pocket-sized folding holders for paper money, credit cards and small personal documents like a driver's license or photos. According to, the wor... Read More »

Instructions for Hand Sewing a Leather Billfold?

Leather is a popular choice when making billfolds; it is easy to work with and lasts much longer than canvas or many other materials manufacturers use to make billfolds. Depending on the ease of th... Read More »