How do I make a Native American pump drill?

Answer Find a Wooden Dowel.The dowel is a long, narrow stick that tapers toward one end. Find a small, flat rock that has a hole in the center, or drill a hole. Find a crossbar that is two-thirds the len... Read More »

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How to Make Native American Jewelry?

Native American jewelry is traditionally made using natural materials such as semi-precious gems, shells, bones, and feathers. Since Native Americans also traded goods with other tribes and people ... Read More »

How to Make a Native American Flute Fipple?

A fipple flute is a flute that is made without a reed that vibrates air. Instead, air is blown into the end of the flute and has a block that sits at the top of the flute that directs the air flow.... Read More »

Instructions to Make a Native American Choker?

Native American chokers are beautiful works of art that are often appreciated by peoples of all cultures. Making these necklaces takes some time, but the end effect is a wonderful choker that can ... Read More »

How to Make Native American Regalia for Porcelain Dolls?

Native American "regalia" refers to the accessories and decorations worn during special occasions such as ceremonies, and to help distinguish certain members of the group. These items include the b... Read More »