How do I make XP install over Vista?

Answer Well, you really can't, although there is supposed to be a roll-back option in Vista.I tried Vista out and hated it, and ended up wiping my drive clean and doing a clean install of XP.Edit: All of... Read More »

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How to Install Vista OEM Over Windows XP?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) copy of Windows Vista can only be obtained through a special agreement or purchase from an OEM. OEM disks are especially common when Windows is in an upgr... Read More »

Can i install XP over vista if Y then how?

you have to either remove vista first......or just put in the windows xp disk and reboot the computer........THIS IS NOT AN DOWNGRADE SO EVERYTHING WILL BE LOST.....don't forget that....there is an... Read More »

How to Install Windows XP Over Vista Operating System?

If you want your computer to run Windows XP but it's currently running Vista, never fear! While some versions of Windows are difficult or impossible to upgrade or downgrade, Windows does support re... Read More »

How to install XP in HP laptop notebook, Where already install vista, And i want to install Xp after Vista.?

There's a very nice tutorial guiding you step-by-step.Anyway,you have to install both the OS's on different partittions.…