How do I make 1 cup of milk with powdered milk?

Answer I usually put 1/3 cp of dry milk in 1 cp of water.

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Is powdered milk sold in the market made of 100% cow milk with no additives?

Yes, there are more than enough cows to produce all the powdered milk in the world.Most powdered milk is 100% cow's milk. Some brands have preservatives added. Look at the ingredients list on the l... Read More »

What are differences between powdered milk and normal milk?

Boobs? haha funny. Both powdered and liquid milk are obtained from cows. It's just that powdered milk have better preservation than liquid milk. I mean they can last long without getting spoiled or... Read More »

Can evaporated milk be substituted for powdered milk?

Evaporated milk can be substituted for powdered milk, but the recipe must call for water that will then be reduced accordingly. For each 1/4 cup of powdered milk in a recipe there is usually 1 cup ... Read More »

How is milk converted to powdered milk?

Powdered milk is easy to store and lasts longer than regular milk, but the conversion process is lengthy and difficult. Turning milk into a powdered form takes sophisticated machinery, so the proce... Read More »