How do I mail aquatic plants?

Answer PackingGet a fish bag the proper size for the plant you intend to mail. Carefully wrap the plant with a damp paper towel. . Place the plant inside the bag, fill the remaining space in the bag with ... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Aquatic Plants?

The first time you see water hyacinth, water lettuce or some water lilies, you may be enchanted by their appearance. But when these invasive plants spread to the point that they cover an entire pon... Read More »

Red Aquatic Plants?

Red aquatic plants add drama to a body of water, such as ponds and aquariums. They contrast against other plants that are usually green. The color ranges from pink to deep red and purplish red. Som... Read More »

Common Aquatic Plants?

There is a huge variety of aquatic plant life in the U.S., as one would expect in such a vast and ecologically varied country. Some aquatic plants fare better in the more humid temperatures of the ... Read More »

Blooming Aquatic Plants?

Underwater plants generally produce their flowers above the water's surface, sending up stems that grow above your tank or pond. Some plants require extra nutrients or lighting to bloom. Always con... Read More »