How do I loop back a T1 line at the 66 block?

Answer A T1 line can give you a blazing-fast connection to the Internet. Using only four copper conductors, you can get download speeds that will allow you to watch movies and television without the annoy... Read More »

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How to Make a Loop Fly Line?

Heavy fly line cannot tie directly to the eye of a fly, as the line will not fit through the eyelet of smaller flies and the solid color of the line will ruin the presentation of the fly, spooking ... Read More »

T1 Line Loop Tutorial?

Any T1 terminal transmits and receives a 1.544 megabit digital signal. Each of the bits can be a binary "1" or a "0," basically forming a code that would answer 1,544,000 "yes or no" questions ever... Read More »

How to Attach a Fly Line Loop to the Backing?

Big fish can strip your fly line down to the backing and with some fish, the backing will run through the guides of your fly rod. For this reason, you need to tie your fly line to the backing line ... Read More »

How do i make a straight loop in a fishing line leader?

Surgeon's End LoopTie a knot called a surgeon's end loop at the end of a monofilament fishing leader. Do this when you need to terminate the leader with a loop instead of connecting it straight to ... Read More »