How do I load index cards into a printer?

Answer Hope you don't have too many to do, get this.Sometimes at work the easiest way to do this (onsies, twosies only) is actually carefully TAPE that bad boy to a regular piece of paper!You can print on... Read More »

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How to Set Up a Printer for Index Cards?

Index cards are generally used for handwritten notes, but you can also print on them by changing the printer settings to non-standard paper sizes. The size of index cards is 3-by-5 inches. As long ... Read More »

How do you set your printer to print index cards?

Go toStartSettingsprinters and faxesRight click your printer iconClick propertiesClick printing preferencesIn the (size is) window The middle one, scroll to index cards. There are 3 sizes liste... Read More »

HP printer won't print on 5 by 8 index cards anymore?

Windows 8 is the problem. The printer should have the 5 x 7 setup as well as the 4 x 6 but not the 5 x 8. Postcards are usually 5 x 7 or 4 x 6.What youneed to do is select the 5 x 7 and when you ar... Read More »

How to Load Transparencies Into the Printer?

A benefit of owning a printer is that you can print on many forms of media without leaving your home. Varied media, like transparency paper, load and print very well on both ink-jet and laser print... Read More »