How do I live with diabetes?

Answer Diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused by your body's improper use of digested food for energy and growth. Millions of people are affected and it's a leading cause of health complications and deat... Read More »

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How do you live with diabetes?

Although the number of people diagnosed with diabetes has risen to near epidemic proportions, living a healthy, quality life with the disease is very possible. Diabetes is the body's inability to p... Read More »

How to Live With Juvenile Diabetes?

Juvenile diabetes is what is now called type 1, or insulin dependent, diabetes. It was originally called "juvenile" because the early age of onset � before the age of 30 in most individuals. With... Read More »

Is it possible to live with diabetes without medication regiment?

Since you are pre diabetic, it's probably safe to assume you are heading toward "type two" diabetes. Yes, it is absolutely possible to control type two without medication... at least in the beginni... Read More »

I live with my boyfriend for 5 years and i am on his bank account ,i have type 2 diabetes, can i be evicted?

There is so much good advice already , but ... I would like to add a little to it anyway, namely , PLEASE see to it immediately that you have a job, an income of your own of some sort . Take yo... Read More »