How do I listen to a cd on my computer?

Answer Put it in that "cup holder" thing that slides out of the front of your computer.

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Only one earbud works when you listen to music etc on the computer and ive tried different earphones and they all do the same Is there a way of fixing your computer?

Open up the Control Panel, go to Sound and Audio Devices, in Volume click Advanced and make sure your balance is centered.

When your on your computer do you listen to music from your computer or Ipod ?

I almost always listen to music from the computer while online....I love to have music in the background!

How do i listen to music over the computer?

Computers are modern machines that serve as virtual work desks. People can write, research, communicate and listen to music--all in one sitting. Different software and devices offer you a variety o... Read More »

Listen to my ipod on my computer?

yeah, you don't have to plug in your ipod, just open itunes and select the songs you want to listen to in your library.=]