How do I link a form made from Excel to an existing Access database?

Answer First of all, since you specifically mentioned "website" and "automatically sends", I assume you are wanting this to work interactively from a web page. And because this is an MS-Access database t... Read More »

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How to Link to a Table in Another Database in Access 2007?

More than one table containing data can be displayed in a database using the Microsoft Office Access 2007 program. The data in each table can be manipulated to meet your preferences and you can als... Read More »

How to Convert a PDF Form to an Access Database?

Portable Document Format, or PDF, is a file format used to represent data irrespective of the application software used. PDF is most useful when printing or mailing a document. A PDF file can be co... Read More »

How do I convert Excel to an Access database?

Open the Access database into which you want to convert Excel data. Go to the "File" menu in Access 2003, click "Get External Data" and select "Import." Go to the "External Data" tab in Access 2007... Read More »

Creating An Access Database from an Excel Spreadsheet?

Most worksheets are usually storing things like people's Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, etc...Such information is better stored in an MS-Access database. You would create a Primary Table that he... Read More »