How do I limit the bandwidth/number of open sessions of someone using my wifi?

Answer what was the point of blacking out the pic?1) you can zoom in and still see through it. (learn how to work the opacity of brushes -.-)2) it only shows the computer names and local IP addresses. Whi... Read More »

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Can you tell if someone is using your wifi signal?

Yes. Easiest way is to log into the router and get to the dhcp tables. This should show all the connected devices. Go through it and confirm each one.There are also programs that can see the wir... Read More »

How can you tell if someone is stealing using your wifi signal?

this is normally how i do iti go to when it comes up and says what my ip is i copy it. open a new taband then paste my ip into the url and hit enter (or click go)then ... Read More »

Is using an open network WiFi considered stealing or morally incorrect behavior?

I get WAY more bandwidth than I could ever use, so I don't secure my connection, even though I do know how to secure it.If you wanna piggy back on my yourself.But if I find that ... Read More »

Can you video chat with someone with an iphone 4 in a wifi area and the 4g phone in a park where there is no wifi basicly im aking can you video chat using an iphone 4 and the 4g phone?