How do I light a pilot light on a gas hot water heater when the pilot light area is sealed, and the...?

Answer for safety purposes because you are not familiar with doing the re- lighting, you can call your local fire dept and they will come out for Free to re-light the water heater. They will probably comm... Read More »

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Why does the pilot light keep going out on your hot water heater?

The thermocouple is going bad. The thermocouple is the small tube that sits in the flame from the pilot light and goes back to the gas valve. They are easy to replace and cost $6 to $8. For health ... Read More »

How to Keep a Hot Water Heater Pilot Light Lit?

There are several reasons why your water heater's pilot light may not stay lit. A common reason the pilot light will not stay lit is a damaged thermocouple. The pilot flame heats up the end of the... Read More »

How to Install a Hot Water Heater Pilot Light?

Pilot tubes in a water heater feed a small amount of gas from the gas control valve/thermostat to the pilot orifice to create a small continual burning flame. The flame heats the tip of the thermoc... Read More »

How to Clean a Hot Water Heater's Pilot Light?

The water heater is often a forgotten appliance. When you turn on the hot-water faucet in the shower or at the kitchen sink, the hot water that comes out of the spigot comes from the water heater. ... Read More »