How do I lift daylilies?

Answer Preparing the PlantWait until all flowers have bloomed and faded, but before the foliage has begun to die back. Prepare the plant by removing only the dead flower stalks. Leave as much foliage as p... Read More »

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Difference Between a Mini Lift & a Regular Face-Lift?

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How do i transplant daylilies?

LocationChoose a site that has well-drained soil and is sunny for the first half of the day. Most daylilies tolerate full sun but darker-colored varieties, semi-evergreen and some hybrids will grow... Read More »

How do I care for daylilies?

WateringKeep soil around daylilies moist, but not soaking. Water the plants in the morning rather than evening to reduce chance for mold growth. You do not need to water the plant if it has rained ... Read More »

How do I separate daylilies?

Loosen the SoilUsing a pitchfork or spade, loosen the soil surrounding the daylily roots. If the roots are extensive, dig into the soil as deeply as necessary to work the roots free of the dirt.Sep... Read More »