How do I legally leave college without having to pay tuition?

Answer You are obligated to pay for the semester(quarter) you are currently in. Leaving now will mean you owe the school money, the government grant monies, possibly student loan monies. You will fail ... Read More »

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If you are in the ICU of a hospital, can you legally leave?

No. He can sign himself out AMA. But, the are exceptions. If he was a suicide attempt and going to end up going to a facility under warrant, we can restrain you and keep you. If you are a dange... Read More »

Can you leave your mothers house legally at the age of 17?

Answer The best thing you can do for your child is to consult your pediatrician and have your child examined now.

How to pay my college tuition?

Thats insane. the whole point of fafsa is to find out the people who don't have enough money and to give then grants/low cost loans. I wish you gave more info about your situation. Do you mean your... Read More »

What is college tuition!?

I would like to know that also.Thanks for asking this useful question ! ^^!