How do I learn to put my legs behind my head?

Answer If you want to come over, I can definitely show you how to do it. It takes lots of practice. Stretching and being VERY relaxed are musts... and I can definitely help with that!

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How to Put Both of Your Legs Behind Your Head?

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How to Put Your Legs over Your Head?

You can do this when you want to exercise or whenever you want. Maybe even for personal reasons.

Why does putting your head between your legs help with nausea?

One of the major causes of dizziness & nausea is lack of proper blood flow to your brain. This is why nausea & dizziness are often seen in cardiac (heart) patients, trauma patients, dehydrated pati... Read More »

Dizziness when I look down, pain in head, and weak legs?

Sounds like anxiety to me. I'm dealing with the same thing, I'm 18 and I'm having those kind of headaches (sharp, shooting pain) for 7 years. It's also common for anxious people to think they have ... Read More »